Set in the world of Gaia, based upon the Anima RPG world, the players must survive the infamous border fortress, Edgewise Manor, an academy for select youths from all walks of life. Its wards (some of whom are actually political hostages) must deal with dangerous conspiracies, conniving parents, blooming powers, social inequalities, and less than trustworthy instructors. The world outside of Edgewise is dynamic, mysterious, and, unfortunately, very suspicious of this ancient citadel which has never been truly bound by the Church or the Crown.

Some unofficial errata for Anima’s 1st English edition core text:

Circlet – 50 SC
Forehead Protector – 80 SC
Leather Hood – 40 SC
Casque – 1 GC
Mail Coif – 5 GC
Open Helm – 20 GC
Great Helm - 40 GC

Pg. 101 “Double Vital Sacrifice” The MK cost here is 20.
Pg. 102 “Additional Actions” These are for maneuvers, not Attacks (See Additional Attack, p.101).
Pg. 103 “Long-Distance Attack” The Distance progression should be 15 – 30 – 60 – 100 – 150…
Pg. 103 “Area Attack” The Radius progression is 3 – 15 – 30 – 80 – 100 – 150…
Pg. 104 “Intangibility” Invincible to all physical attacks, matter passes right through, but still hurt by any attack augmented by or based upon energy, mental attacks, direct magical damage, or effects that manipulate the body itself.
House Rule: Zen level physical attacks will damage intangible characters.
Pg. 105 “Mirage” Any attacks/abilities utilized by the Mirage must be purchased as part of the Technique.
Pg. 106 “Special Requirement” The MK reduction is minus 10 for Simple Intensity; Major Intensity is minus 15. Maintaining a power as a requirement is minus 5 MK.
Pg. 141 “Create Liquids” When the duration expires, any of the liquid that has not been ingested, burned, soaked into the soil, or otherwise expended will immediately dissipate. This should be considered a precedent for similar effects that are not covered in the rules.
I now have 3 copies of Anima, 1 copy of Arcana Exxet, 2 copies of Dominus Exxet, Gaia Book one, Those Who Walk Amongst Us, and the Gamesmaster’s screen with the companion booklet.
I will not be updating to the new edition, though some items may be incorporated.

This game has never launched.

Edgewise Manor